Adjective – 1. designed for people to live in. 2.providing accommodations in addition to other services /occupied by private houses. (google)



Noun – 1. the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. (google)


     Residential Resilience - is a residential construction firm that focuses on the up keep and MAINTENANCE of property and grounds for residential property owners, property managers, and/or private home owners. We can take care of all of your maintenance needs on a call to call basis or you can contract with us for year round up keep and maintenance.

     Think of us as your maintenance team for hire, if you do not have the funds or the need for full-time maintenance help or maintenance staff, this is where we can step in. We can perform regular routine maintenance like grounds and yard care, we do some basic janitorial like sweeping hallways, stairwells and parking lots. We do a lot of painting and repainting of those same hallways and stairwells. One area that we see a lot of work in, is apartment turnovers and move outs, this is where we shine. We also do light bulb replacements and in some cases lighting repair. Some wall and drywall repair and finish carpentry such as trim and molding is also offered by us.

     My name is Mike Sanchez and I am the voice for “Residential Resilience”. I have been doing construction and maintenance work in this town and region for decades. I have worked with painting contractors from the area such as Coca’s Painting, Wendy Budrow’s Painting, Beyer Painting & Design, the UW paint shop and Max Martinez Painting. I have been on maintenance teams performing regular maintenance for properties such as The Laramie senior House, Regency Retirement Residence, The Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, and Glacier Place apartments where I was maintenance manager.

     All this experience is in addition to the decades of actual construction work and an associate’s degree in “Construction Technology” from Laramie County Community College (2008) gives me equipment, tools and insight to perform various maintenance needs across various types of residential structures. Call today at 307-399-9670 to speak about your maintenance needs. Or, you can fill out our simple "customer contact form" below on this page and we can tailor a solution to bring your structure up to safe and aesthetically pleasing standards. Thank you.